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1. What are BCAAs?
Muscletech Amino Build are the essential amino acids that are leucine, isoleucine and valine, comprising about 30-44% muscle protein within the body. they’re extremely vital for the body because the body doesn’t make them on its own and hence it requires an outdoor source like Food or workout supplements to cope up for the deficient amino acids within the body. Leucine, Iso-leucine & Valine play an important role in muscle protein synthesis and recovery. . BCAA supplements are a sure shot thanks to boost your workout performance.
2. Why is a further BCAA supplement required? Doesn’t protein provide enough BCAAs?
Amino Acids play an important role within the body, rigorous workout sessions, heavy training or a power-packed gym session results in depletion of amino acids within the body, and thus , filling up the void for lost amino acids requires a further food source or a BCAA Supplement.
3. How is BCAAs in ratio 8:1:1 better than 2:1:1?
If you’re confused with the various ratios of amino acids and its effects, let’s have a transparent understanding of which is best . Among the essential BCAAs i.e., Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine, Leucine is one among the foremost vital and essential amino acids liable for better muscle protein synthesis. watching the present market trends, BCAA supplements found within the 2:1:1 ratio of Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine are more common. However, BCAA within the ratio 8:1:1 are far superior and simpler than the previous . thanks to the upper content of Leucine, the general workout and training session is more advanced and price some time and energy. Leucine is one among the main activators of mTOR. mTOR is sort of a molecular switch that activates the machinery that manufactures muscle proteins.
BCAA Supplements: An Ultimate Workout Fuel
BCAA Supplement is an ultimate intra-workout fuel with Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine within the ratio 8:1:1 respectively. the foremost common ratio of BCAA supplements having these 3 essential amino acids is 2:1:1 with 2 parts of Leucine over 1 part each for the opposite two BCAAs. Leucine may be a game-changer aminoalkanoic acid that activates the complex muscle building pathways when the body undergoes a heavy-duty workout or any strenuous workout session. BCAA supplements help in good lean muscle building and instant recovery of muscles.
Benefits Of Consuming BCAA Supplements:
• Increased Muscle Growth
Most of the BCAA supplements within the market contain a standard ratio of 2:1:1 for Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. But it’s always advised to choose BCAA Supplements containing these three amino acids during a ratio of 8:1:1 respectively. These essential amino acids are extremely vital for increased muscle growth and good muscular frame. It enhances the synthesis of protein within the body, and thus , facilitates faster recovery and good muscle buildup.
• Better Muscle Recovery
BCAA Supplements have Glutamine which is usually found as over 61% of aminoalkanoic acid within the skeletal muscles which helps in better muscle recovery and strength. It also contains 19% nitrogen for vasodilation of nerves. L- Glutamine present within the BCAA supplements help in faster muscle growth and recovery of skeletal muscles which undergo rigorous wear and tear during a workout.
• Promotes Fat Loss
Taking up BCAA supplements assist you keep fuller and curb your appetite. Study shows BCAA supplements promote fat loss in women. It also preserves your lean muscles while you’re dieting and keeps you satiated for long.
• Reduces Fatigue & Normalises Soreness
BCAA supplements have both sodium and potassium as potent electrolytes. If consumed during workouts, these electrolytes prevent the onset of fatigue. It keeps the body hydrated for long even after an extended and strenuous workout session.
• Higher Leucine Content
BCAA supplements are effective due to their higher leucine content – approx 5.6g of leucine per serving with a ratio of 8:1:1 of Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine respectively. Leucine accelerates the muscle recovery process and helps in good muscle growth.
• Max Pump
Every serving of BCAA supplement comes loaded with L-Citrulline which facilitates vasodilation and pump. It also helps in effective and efficient transportation of nutrients to the muscles by increased blood flow to the muscles.
• No added Sugar
All BCAA supplements accompany no added sugar so you only don’t need to worry about the general sugar content within the body. All you’ll do is gulp down only what’s good.
When to Consume
Highly trained athletes, fitness enthusiasts, gym goers or a person who is training hard is suggested to consume BCAA supplement during the workout. it’s ideal for both pre and post-workout regime. it’ll keep you all fuelled up and charged ensuring a power-packed performance within the gym. BCAA Supplements are essentially more important for vegetarians and vegans. most of the people get enough of it when consuming an animal diet except for all those on a plant-based diet could be deficient.
Directions to Use
It is advised to combine around 5-6 grams of BCAA supplement in your protein shake and consume it during your workout session so as to urge the simplest results. It are often mixed in both water and skim milk .
Top Food Sources that contain BCAA’s :
1. Milk
2. Poultry and Meat
3. Beans and Lentils
4. Tofu
5. Pumpkin Seeds
6. Quinoa
7. Nuts
8. Fish etc.

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