Nortech Nutrition Bulk Mass weight gainer 8.8 LB (4000g)

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Bulk Mass weight gain powders provide an additional 1,036 calories per. day. Bulk Mass weight Powder adds compact nutrition to meet your needs for increased quality calorie intake for better exercise effect.

Bulk Mass weight gainer is the ultimate product for those who want to gain weight – With a precise blend of energizing carbohydrates, proteins and fatty acids, each serving of Bulk Mass weight gainer delivers 41g of protein and a full 205g of carbohydrates. As we know, optimal weight gain and muscle building require a sufficient intake of the right nutrients and more calories. Therefore, Bulk Mass weight gainer is a preferred weight gain powder for athletes.

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What is Weight Gainer?
Bulk Mass weight gainer is a product designed to help you gain weight and gain greater muscle mass without having to put on fat. Therefore Bulk Mass weight gainer contains complete protein sources from whey protein and milk protein, medium chain fatty acids (MCT´s) and complex carbohydrates that are readily available to the muscles after ingestion. Therefore, Bulk Mass weight gainer ensures that the body is supplied with quality nutrition so that you achieve the results you desire.

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The composition of the Bulk Mass weight

With its Norwegian origin you can be sure that the protein components of Bulk Mass weight are based solely on high-quality sources such as whey protein and milk protein – as well as fast-absorbing hydrolyzed whey protein. The fatty acids in the Bulk Mass are of the type MCT (medium chain triglycerides) which allow them to be absorbed by the body very quickly without going the way of being metabolized in the liver, thus saving the body time on digestion and can therefore use MCT unchanged as the energy substrate in muscles.

In conclusion, you should use weight gainer for these effects

-Faster muscle growth
-Short recovery time
-Better energy storage
-Increased muscular endurance
-Perfect for use where the increase in muscle mass is the focus

Recommended use
Mix half or one full serving (263 g) of Bulk Mass powder in 3-4 dl of water or milk.

Mix Bulk Mass weight gainer powder with chocolate milk for an extra good taste an added nutritional value.

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