HRX Omega-3 Fish Oil

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HRX AGame Mega Strength Cold Water Omega-3 Fish Oil provides premium quality Fish Oil with 2500 mg Omega Oil sourced from Deep Sea Sardines. 

Each serving provides a blend of 1500 mg Omega 3 fatty acids along with Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids enriched with 900 mg EPA & 600 mg DHA. HRX AGame Mega Strength Cold Water Omega-3 Fish Oil fuels the performance of athletes by supporting brain, heart and muscle health thus maintaining enhanced fitness levels. 

This Softgel capsule comes in a tasty Pina Colada flavour that ensures that there are no fishy burps post consumption.

  • Heart Health: HRX AGame Mega Strength Cold Water Omega-3 Fish Oil supports cardiovascular health by playing an important role in reducing Triglycerides. It may help prevent narrowing of arteries thereby keeping your heart healthy and preventing diseases. Other benefits include improvement of HDL and positive impact on blood pressure levels both imperative for a healthy heart.
  • Stronger Muscles: Anti-Inflammatory properties of HRX AGame Mega Strength Cold Water Omega-3 Fish Oil  helps reduce muscle soreness and swelling. Omega 3 also supports muscle growth by preparing muscles for better protein synthesis.
  • Boosts Energy: You can enjoy high energy levels as Omega 3 fatty acids help renew cells and release energy.
  • Brain Health: 900 mg EPA & 600 mg DHA contribute to maintaining brain health. They are vital for development and normal functioning of the brain. Research also shows that it helps improve memory and fight depression.
  • Vitamins A, D & E: HRX AGame Mega Strength Cold Water Omega-3 Fish Oil provides 100% RDA of 3 essential vitamins in each serving. These vitamins support bone health, eye health, stronger immune system amongst others.
  • Tasty, No Fishy Burps: The enteric-coated HRX AGame Mega Strength Cold Water Omega-3 Fish Oil capsules come in a tasty Pina Colada flavour which stops the fishy smell and eliminates fishy burps post consumption.
  • Clean, Backed By Science: These Softgel capsules are clean i.e without any harmful chemicals making them safe for long term consumption. 

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