GNC American Ginseng 90 caps

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Product Description

“Ginseng extracts are studied extensively for their effects on central nervous system. The main active constituents in ginseng extracts known as ginsenosides. Traditionally, Ginseng was always known for overall wellness, improving vitality or performers enhancers. There is a growing evidence to support American ginseng as a cognitive enhancer.”

  • Since American Ginseng has similar properties as Asian Ginseng, it can also have a similar property in terms of enhancing the cognitive function.
  • One of the study showed American Ginseng shown to be most efficacious as a cognitive enhancer at 200–400 mg in young healthy individuals. It also improved the mood and increased calmness among the young healthy individuals.(Andrew S.,et. al, 2010)
  • GNC American Ginseng provides 400 mg of ginseng root extract with each serving.
  • The pack contains 90 vegetarian capsules.
  • It is completely safe, but we always recommend to consult your physician before consuming the supplement.


  • Supports Memory Function.

How to Consume

  • Take one capsule daily.

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